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What are the steps to fix USB not recognized in Lenovo laptop?

There are a number of laptop brands available in the market and laptop is one of those unbeaten brands. This brand is best known for its reliable products and its products are used productively across the globe, laptop is one of those fruitfully used brands. Despite its commendable features, its users come across an issue USB not recognized by a laptop, so here in this blog, you’ll get a complete description of steps to resolve this issue. Just follow these given steps to fix this situation, in case, you need help then make a call on Lenovo support number 1-800-921-785.

Directions to follow:

Process: 1 Press the power button for few seconds

This is an ideal method that will help you in fixing this problem, press the power button for 30 seconds or so. This way you are able to discharge the capacitor, after that, reboot your PC and check if this problem is resolved successfully.

Process: 2 Check your power source (laptop only)

Your power source supply powers to the most USB devices, sometimes electric source is not able to supply an adequate power to all USB devices and it might stop working. You can fix it by following these given steps.

  1. First, you need to unplug your electricity supply and charger plug from your computer.
  2. Now restart your computer, then connect your USN device to your computer again.
  3. Next, connect laptop adaptor to your electric source.

Process: 3 Power management settings need to recheck

First, open your device manager, now expand USB controller branch. Now you need to double click on the first USB root hub device in this list and then click on power management tab.
You need to uncheck a box “Allow computer to turn off this device to save electricity” and then click “Ok”.
You need to repeat these steps 3-4 times for every one of your USB root hub device in your list of USB controllers.

Process 4: check your device drivers

First, download and install driver easy, now run driver and easy click on “Scan now” button. This will scan your laptop and identify an issue related with your drivers.
You need to click on update button that is just next to flagged USB driver to automatically download and install a correct version of the driver. Or there is a way, you can click on “Update all” option in order to automatically download and install the correct version of all drivers.
By following these steps, you are able to resolve this issue. If you need help then contact technical support number Lenovo Australia 1-800-921-785  to connect with its experts.

If you are living in Brisbane you can visit Lenovo repair centre Brisbane for instant help

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